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Stevie Ray Riehs has been an innovative epicurean for the last 27 years.  Begat from a rich culinary heritage, including his grandmother's soul food cafe in Texas, he emerged into the food scene marinated in roots.  While honing his skills in a chef school apprenticeship, he was eager to work with the best, creating with the celebrity chefs who pioneered Southwestern Cuisine.
In Dallas, he worked with Stephan Pyles and Kevin Rathbun at the underground cult phenomenon, Baby Routh.  He was also fortunate to be able to work with mentor and collision cuisine legend, Marc Cassel. While in the desert of Santa Fe, he worked with Mark Miller in the revolutionary days at the world famous Coyote Cafe. 

Stevie Ray has been  executive chef for restaurants, resorts, movie catering and for the Fortune 500's, sharing his inventive alchemy wherever he goes.  He's illuminated enthusiasm within those who've imbibed his passion imbued food in such exotic settings as mountaintop resorts at 9300 feet above sea level to 3 feet below, in the French West Indies.

His adventurous spirit to explore the healing truth within food has ushered him to cook with shamans and indigenous elders in sacred places and tribal ceremonies.  His awakening experiences have culminated in his message, "Your true power lives between the atoms of food, not the physical food itself."  This perspective has brought about miraculous changes in his life and the lives of others.

He began experimenting with intention and food to see how it affects our wellbeing.  The results were instantly unanimous:  What you feel while you're cooking, somehow transfers to the food, affecting your mood, and those who eat your food.  Like a kid in the candy store, he researched the most powerful techniques and created an intention instilling method that revolutionized his daily life.  

He put his method to the test when he discovered he had severe mercury poisoning.  With gratitude and ardent dedication to shifting the way he thought, he had a spontaneous healing.  And from this experience, Gratifood® was born, the unique energetic cookbook of how to imbue your own inner healing power with the comfort food you love to eat.

In his book, Stevie guides you to “taste your aliveness”......the space between the notes.....where time ceases......where you undeniably realize that you're not your thoughts. The reality is, you are love.

With his landmark discoveries, he's delighted to help "bring you back home" to yours, in the most delicious way possible.

chef stevie ray riehs
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